Peikoff Logic Project Summary and Flashcards

Closing Thoughts & Flashcards for Peikoff Logic Course

I'm essentially done with my Peikoff logic course project. I wanted to write some retrospective comments.

I think I learned some useful material about logic. In particular, I have a stronger understanding of syllogisms than I used to. One particular idea I have a stronger understanding of is the idea of distribution. I also greatly improved my understanding of and ability to consistently apply the operations of conversion, obversion, and contraposition to statements. I also thought the material regarding formation of proper definitions was helpful.

There was some material I found less helpful. I didn't think the material on induction was great. The material on informal fallacies was okay but I already knew a fair amount of it.

Overall I think the course was decent. It could have benefitted from more details/diagrams/examples in some spots, and I had to look up a few points (particularly regarding conversion/obversion/contraposition) and reference outside materials to really understand what was going on. So I think it's less thorough/comprehensive than is ideal if you want a more self-contained course, but if you're willing to take some initiative then it's fine.

I'm sharing the flashcards I made for myself in case other people find them useful.

I'm sharing the flashcards I made for myself in case other people find them useful.

Published deck link:

Downloadable markdown flashcards:

Note that the published deck link won't display all cards correctly because the width doesn't adjust to the same extent on the web version of Mochi when compared with the desktop app. It shows images, though, which is nice. The markdown cards aren't great due to lacking images and other reasons. The best way to use my deck is probably to clone it and download the cloned deck into a desktop version of Mochi app.