About this site

(last updated April 18, 2023)

My intent in creating this blog is to document serious efforts at learning and understanding some topic. At the moment I'm using it to write about philosophy, with a particular focus on Stoicism & Objectivism. I may also use it for posting longer posts about other things that I find interesting (such as the analysis of scholarship quality in some book). I also may post things about math or other technical topics like programming periodically.

The name of the blog derives from a quote in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The quote, from Galt's Speech, is as follows: "That choice is yours to make. That choice—the dedication to one’s highest potential—is made by accepting the fact that the noblest act you have ever performed is the act of your mind in the process of grasping that two and two make four."

I added a Microblog section. I'll use this for shorter comments (on serious or trivial topics). I'd rather not use something like Twitter, which I don't trust and which I think is bad. I'm setting a soft limit of 500 words for my Microblog posts.


The RSS feed for the main blog is https://blog.justinmallone.com/rss/

The RSS feed for the microblog is http://blog.justinmallone.com/tag/microblog/rss