My intent in creating this blog is to document serious efforts at learning and understanding. I suspect that the primary focus will be on programming and technical work for a while, but I'm not committing to that. Some other likely topics are economics and philosophy.

Prior to creating this website, I had an old Wordpress blog, which is now available at https://oldblog.justinmallone.com and which I intend to keep online indefinitely. The content organized under "Learning Efforts" at my old blog will give you some idea of my current plans for this blog. The old WordPress website was adequate, but I'd been desiring a web presence makeover for some time. I became aware of Ghost and it seemed like a leaner and more modern platform than WordPress.

The name of the blog derives from a quote in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. The quote, from Galt's Speech, is as follows: "That choice is yours to make. That choice—the dedication to one’s highest potential—is made by accepting the fact that the noblest act you have ever performed is the act of your mind in the process of grasping that two and two make four." Hopefully this blog will contain many such noble acts.