Why Are Dialogues Easier to Write for Me?

I have been writing dialogues lately. I find it easier to write large amounts of writing in dialogue form than in other styles of writing. I was thinking about why this might be the case. I came up with two reasons. One is a fancier point, and one is more straightforward.

The fancier point is that I think I often suppress my ideas, and I think dialogue disrupts the suppression somehow. I am not sure exactly how. Maybe I feel less like I’m putting myself out there if I write things in the voice of two characters having a discussion than I do if I write things in my own voice. It’s all still me in the end, so I’m not sure that would make a ton of sense as a reason, but I think something like that may be going on.

The more straightforward point is that discussions are a format where I know how to write a lot fairly quickly. I have had big discussions with someone in the past at a fairly fast pace. So it’s a familiar format that I am comfortable with.