Counter-Rhetoric Example - "I'm Starving"

In light of some prior posts about counter-rhetoric, I realized that I have been subconsciously engaging in a rhetorical use of language. I sometimes think about the state of being hungry with the language "I'm starving." I realized that I seem to think of hunger in this way when I'm not starving and when I'm not even especially hungry. I use this language when I'm only moderately hungry. This misuse of language involves a huge exaggeration of the facts and I suspect that it contributes to overeating (in my own case and in the case of others, since "I'm starving" is a common expression). A better alternative would be to accurately describe things. So, for example, I might think or say "I am moderately hungry" (or whatever is appropriate given my appetite). This should lead to behavior more aligned with that more accurate description (such as eating more modestly).