Blog Post Plans

I’m liking Understanding Objectivism a lot and finding it useful for thinking about and dealing with my own issues. I’m planning on working my way through the book and continuing to write blog posts about it. I jumped ahead towards the end for my first couple of series of posts, but will be going back towards the beginning and working my way through. I’ll probably make a page with links to my posts about it, or at least links to the tags for each chapter, to make stuff easier to find.

I’m unsure if I should do more dialog style (like how I did Lecture Ten) or more summary & comments style (like how I did Lecture Eleven). I’m leaning towards summary & comments style because I think I’ll cover more ground more quickly with that approach. Dialog style might be better for chewing but also may be more prone to tangents. I’m not 100% sure about the best approach yet. Hmm, one idea I just had is to do summary & comments and then have a dialog at the end to chew the ideas. That might be the best of both worlds! I’ll try that.