A Stoic Morning Meditation

Some discussion of a Stoic morning meditations from How to Think Like A Roman Emperor:

Regarding the morning meditation, Galen says that as soon as you rise from bed and begin considering each of the tasks ahead, you should ask yourself two questions:
1. What would the consequences be if you acted as a slave to your passions?
2. How would your day differ if you acted more rationally, exhibiting wisdom and self-discipline?

If you're a slave to your passions, you'll do things like be lazy to get out of bed, eat to excess, waste time at work, spend your recreational time passively watching TV, etc. You might also drink or do other things that would cloud your mind. You might spend time fantasizing about stuff you'd like to do.

If you act rationally, you'll be efficient with your time. You'll get out of bed quickly in order to seize the day. You'll eat modestly. You'll be efficient at work. And you'll use your recreational time productively on well-chosen habits, on studying philosophy, etc. You'll avoid mind-altering substances and will focus on action rather than fantasy.

I think thinking about these two alternatives at the start of the day is useful to keep you on the right track. I'm going to try thinking about them in the morning for at least a few days.