SICP Project

NOTE: This project is paused. I realized that my lack of math skills were coming up repeatedly as a major constraint, and I need to figure out what to do about that before proceeding.

This is my project page for my work on going through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming.

I'm going through this online version of the book, which is prettier than some you may find.

After I accumulate more posts, I'll put some sort of simple list of my posts on this page. For now, just access them through my front page or this tag page.  

Other People's Solutions

The main purpose of this page for now is to give me a place to put a list of other people's solutions to SICP that I've found on the web. I found it very useful to have such a list when I was working through Simply Scheme and think that it's good to make such a list available. This will be a work in progress.

aelanteno's answers to SICP Exercises (Through Exercise 1.13, work is in progress)
SICP Solutions by Sébastien Gignoux (through Exercise 2.10, appears abandoned)